Sunday, 13 February 2011

Charity Shop trawl #1 10.02.11

On Thursday mum and I went along the charity shops on Botchergate. It's a lottery of finding good things, but we weren't disappointed! Found, but not photographed are a whisk and two Jeffrey Deaver Books. Well you don't really need to see those do you...

The first shop we hit, Age Concern, turned out to be the best of the lot. Our full haul for the morning includes a rather nice plant pot, now with crocus bulbs in:

a pretty floral pillowcase for Scrap-e-Do use:

a purple tweed suit, which we have now felted, for Scrap-e-Do use:

a hoodie which appeals to my inner goth. The design is on the back and front and even glows in the dark:

some buttons and a fastener, for Scrap-e-Do use:

and last but not least, a dinner service including dinner plates, lunch plates, cake plates, cups and saucers, two jugs, a sugar basin and a lidded marmalade jar! The design is Midwinter Roselle:

I haven't decided how much of the set I'm going to keep yet. I will probably sell the cups and saucers as I don't really use those, and possibly one of the jugs and the sugar basin to go with it.

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