Sunday, 13 February 2011

Charity shop trawl #2 12.02.11

My usual charity shop partner in crime is my neighbour Sara. She was bored on Saturday afternoon and wanted to try and find some stuff on the cheap. Sadly she didn't find what she was looking for, but I certainly had a good haul again, for both myself and for projects!

Purchases of the day were a blue/turquoise silk scarf, for Scrap-e-Do use:

a green floral pillowcase, for Scrap-e-Do use:

a multicoloured floral pillowcase, for Scrap-e-Do use:

an incredibly cute apron, which I haven't decided if I'm keeping yet or donating to Scrap-e-Do:

some very 70s purple floral fabric, for Scrap-e-Do use:

and again I saved the best for last! A pinkish tweed suit which looks like it was tailored especially for me :) the first pic is to demonstrate the colour (sort of):

this second pic shows off the beading detail:

the jacket:

the skirt:

The suit is by Serena Kay, which is a designer I've never heard of but I did a search on eBay and apparently she's quite pricey!

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